Feb 26, 2011

Decorative Accessories That Are Versatile

I like to decorate with accessories that can create more then one look or serve more then one purpose, it makes decorating more fun, flexible and affordable.  That is why I am introducing my new line of versatile accessories "VA".  Here is my newest design, an aqua pillow cover with purple and ivory fabric flowers.

 This pillow has fabric flowers that are pinned to the pillow cover.  The flowers can be easily removed and re-arranged to create a variety of looks. 

For more information on this pillow click here

Jan 25, 2011

How To Decide on a Color Scheme

Have you decided to re-decorate one of the rooms in your house?  Maybe you've decided to fix up what was once your daughters room... after all she got married and moved out 6 years ago..... or maybe you've decided to make over the living room, or to finally finish the basement.  Whatever decorating project you intend to begin, the best way to get started is with a plan.  A well thought out plan will help you save money by avoiding costly mistakes.  A plan will also save you both time and energy.

The first step is to decide on a feeling or theme you want the space to have. If you don't have a color scheme or theme then you could start by creating a wish list filled with items you like that could be found at your favorite vacation spot.   To create your list go to an on-line shopping site where you can select from a variety of different shops.  After selecting at least a dozen items you are likely to see a trend or two.  It could be your selections are creating a specific color scheme, for example... most of the items are blue and tan.  Perhaps the majority of furnishings are more formal then casual or you have selected a lot of soft and pretty furnishings.  Use the trends as inspiration for you decorating project.  I love boating and the ocean so that was the general theme I began with.  I went to http://www.etsy.com/ and created this wish list of items.

After analyzing my wish list I realized I really liked the color combination of shades of blue and tan, as shown in this bathroom

I also found items I fell in love with and may eventually purchase like this amazing closeup photograph of a peacock flounder (look close and you can see the eyes of this fish). Their skin has a wonderful pattern that changes color to keep them hidden on the sandy bottom.  Personally,  I like to surround myself with reminders of how awesome nature is, and this photo does just that.

FREE SHIPPING - Stunning Starfish - Removable Wall Vinyl Decor Decal StickerThis lovely bedroom with the starfish on the wall shows that a room can feel playful and fun without being too casual....  a feeling I would like to incorporate in my room.  By creating a wish list on-line and analyzing my selections I was able to develop a foundation for my decorating plan.   My color scheme will be shades blue and tan.  The room will have a playful but sophisticated feeling with accessories that remind me of the ocean.

Jan 3, 2011

New Years Resolution... Take Time To Smell The Roses

Floral pillow from Rose Interiors
It's a new year and a good time to decide how you can make 2011 better for yourself then 2010 was.  I believe it's important to include plans in you new years resolution to nourish and even pamper yourself personally.  That can include having a special place in your home that you find soothing and relaxing.  Color is an important design element that can help you create a nourishing, peaceful space.  I love the color blue, it reminds me of the ocean and boating, which is one of my favorite things to do.  I look at these items and can imagine taking the time to enjoy a cup of tea after lighting a candle and snuggling under a comfy quilt.

Blue and white china candle

You are more likely to take the time to take care of yourself if you have a special place in your home where you love to just hang out.  Decorate it with your favorite colors and things that make you feel good.
click here to see more blue and white accessories

Dec 20, 2010

What to Give Unexpected Guests

I love it when unexpected guests show up at my holiday gatherings.  I think the more the merrier and I am happy to be able to open my home to friends of friends and family.  In an effort to make everyone feel welcome I like to have some extra little gifts on hand so no one is left out.  I keep these four things in mind when purchasing these gifts....

1.  I have different gifts for men, and women.

2.  Each gift should be unique, which is why I like to get  gifts from http://www.etsy.com/   This web site sells hand made items that are different from what you find in your neighborhood stores.

3.  Each gift costs no more then $15. 

4. Each is something I would use myself or would feel good about giving as a gift later in the year.  This way the gift won't go to waste if I end up with more gifts then guests.

Here are some examples of the types of gifts I like to have on hand:

Beautiful handmade soaps are something everyone can enjoy.  It is an indulgance many people do not splurge on for themselves which I think makes it a perfect gift.  Everyone uses soap, why not give a gift of a special one like this soap which is made with shea and cocoa butter.

This small leather wallet is perfect for holding business cards, driver's license, credit card, metro-card and some cash.  It makes a practical gift that is sure to be appreciated.


This small mirror is a pretty and functional gift, perfect for a women to keep in her handbag. . The mirror has been backed with polymer clay and has a picture carved with a sculptural decoration.

Dec 16, 2010

Holiday Decor That Glimmers and Shines

 So you're not into decorating with bright colors like red and green, however, you want to add a decorative wow factor to your homes' decor for the holidays.  Consider decorating with accessories that sparkle and shine like this elegant bouquet of white fabric roses with glimmering pearl beads.

Decorate with seasonal items that have been painted a neutral color, preferably with a metallic finish like these charming little acorns.  You can use an item like this to scatter around the dinning table to add some glitz...... or use them to fill a giant brandy snifter ...... or add them to a wreath or garland, the options are many. 

This whimsical mobile can be a dramatic addition to your holiday decorating.  It is hand made with pearls and acrylic crystals. Two swans are perched upon the spiral encrusted design.  Watch as the design twirls in the air with a feeling of elegance and tranquility  Can you think of a more gorgeous way to dress up your holiday decor.  Sure to become a treasured heirloom!

These glittering coasters are handmade with tiny  mirrors and gold circles.  They will surely add to your festivities with glamor and glitz.

This gorgeous fused glass bowl will make a magnificent centerpiece.   It has a different look from every side. It is a wonderful icy, crystal clear tangle ready for bright oranges or apples or to display on its own! The bowl is shaped to give it a flat bottom and higher sides.  It measures approximately 14 inches wide and 7 inches high.  and weighs 3 lbs. 
These are just some ideas for ways to decorate for the holidays without using the traditional holiday colors.  Each of these items are hand made, which I think makes them truly special and unique.

Dec 15, 2010

Decorate With Red For The Holidays

Add a touch of the holidays to your home decor with red accessories.  It does not matter if your style is modern or traditional..... red accents will brighten up the dreary days of winter while adding a festive feeling.  You can use a variety of items like decorative pillows, flowers, candles and seasonal accents. 

In order to make an impact, it is a good idea to have a minimum of 3 red accent pieces around the room.  They do not all have to have a holiday theme.  You can use this floral arrangement to decorate year round.  It is fun however to include at least one or two playful items like the Christmas stocking shown below

This fun stocking will add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decorating.

Elegant red and white rose's will make a beautiful addition to your table setting and can be kept out all year.

This Beautiful red candle will add a warm glow to your holiday decor

Nov 2, 2010

Inspired by Nature

Designing new products is one of the things I enjoy most about my job.  I only need to look out the window by my desk to find inspiration, especially this time of year when the leaves on the trees are changing color.  It's amazing to see the leaves change from green to rust on one tree and from green to gold on another tree.

The bold contrast in color inspired this black pillow with the copper colored flower.  When decorating with accessories look to nature for ideas.  Update the colors in your home with new accent pieces that reflect the changes that are happening outside. 

Jun 18, 2010

Retreat to Your Own Back Yard

Summer is here and it's time to enjoy the outdoors. Don't wait to go away on vacation.  Why not turn your own back yard into a vacation retreat you can enjoy every day.  There is nohing like relaxing under a shady tree on a hammock after a hectic day.

This hammock is made for two people to enjoy.    Extra wide and very sturdy it is made with cotton rope to hold a maximum weight of 420 lbs.  Just imagine enjoying a lazy afternoon with someone you love, daydreaming and counting the clouds.    

Jun 9, 2010

Change Your Environment

There is a feeling of things being out of control; with banks needing bailouts, government budget cuts, the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, with all of this going on it can make you feel powerless. That is one reason I think now is the right time to take charge of the only environment you have control over….your home.  Don't postpone those decorating projects you were planning.

It does not have to cost lots of money to freshen up your home and make it feel new and inviting. It could be a simple matter of re-arranging things you already have. Re-think the lamps in your bedroom...how would they look in your living room?  Is it time to take the artwork in one room  and hang it in a different room? How about the furniture in you family room, when was the last time you re-arranged the way it is set up? These are simple changes that can have a big effect and make a room feel fresh and new.

Of course a new paint color on the walls can work miracles and will not cost very much at all. Reorganizing your accessories and perhaps adding a few new ones are another option. For the greatest change add accessories that will make a big impact. That could mean introducing a large new wall hanging like this wall sconce.
Or introduce a bold new fabric table cloth and chair covers in the dinning room.

Add throw pillows in an exotic fabric  like this one with a metallic leopard pattern.

The combination of re-arranging what you have, changing the color of your walls and adding a few new accessories can create an entirely new feeling in any room.  The important thing is to make sure your home is someplace that nourishes and comforts you, a special place where you can go to get away from it all.  After all, your home is probably the only environment you have control over, it should be a retreat that makes you feel good.

The items shown here are sold in my on-line store http://www.roseinteriors.com/

Jun 7, 2010

Create a Garden Sanctuary with Soothing Sounds

Turn your garden, or any outdoor space into a special retreat by adding the soothing sound of running water. This can be achieved by setting up a decorative fountain. If you have limited space you could go with a fountain that sits on top of a table or pedestal, or one that can be mounted on a wall. Of course if you have the space, why not go with a tall fountain that sits on the ground. In addition to adding the tranquil sound of running water a large fountain is a work of art that sets the tone of your outdoor living space. They can be modern, traditional or even playful in style. Here are some of my favorites.

While many fountains require electricity in order for the pump to work you can also get one that is solar powered like the one below.  This particular fountain would be a beautiful addition to a garden with an Asian theme, and it has the option of being powered by electricity or solar power.

Jun 5, 2010

A Colorful Garden Without Flowers

Maybe you don't have a green thumb, or perhaps you don't get any sunlight in your yard, or it could be watering restrictions that prevent you from growing lush colorful flowers.  That does not mean you can't fill your garden, porch, patio, yard or deck with color.  How about creating a colorful birdhouse garden

                               Flowershop Birdhouse

                                                                          Casino Birdhouse

These fun birdhouses can be hung from trees at a variety of heights, or use shepherds hooks in the ground to hang them, or  place them along side plants on a tiered plant stand.  I like to line them up along the ledge on my front porch.  I also use them as part of my table scape when I'm having an outdoor party.  The options are many, the key is to have fun with them.

Jun 4, 2010

Outdoor Rooms

A current trend in decorating is to create outdoor rooms.  Not just pulling the garden chairs and tables out of the garage and setting them up in the backyard but actually decorating with outdoor fabrics, area rugs, fireplaces, colorful cushions, candles, fountains, wall art and just about any type of decorative accent you would use indoors.

Of course you want to make sure these accessory pieces work outdoors, which is why when it come to candles I like to put them in lanterns.  Not only do lanterns make it safer to light candles out doors (they are sturdy and not likely to get knocked over) they also prevent the wind from blowing the flame out.  Here are some of my favorites. The pretty etched glass lantern to the right is small enough (4"
x 4" x 5" tall) to place several around a dinning table

Statue Lantern ....Let the Wizard Shed Light in Your Garden 27" tall

Floor Lantern with a black metal stand

                                                                                                                     Chandelier Lantern

As  far as I'm concerned you can never have too many candles, especially when sitting out on your porch, patio or terrace enjoying a summer evening.  The gentle flickering of candle light creates such a relaxing atmosphere.  As you can see there are many different style candle lanterns to select from.  Place them on table tops or hang them from garden stakes or you can even hang them from a wall or ceiling on a porch.  Remember decorating an outdoor room is the same as decorating an indoor room.  Begin by deciding on how you want the space to feel...soft and pretty, casual, elegant etc. and then select furnishing to create the feeling you want.  When it comes to lighting make sure you have enough to illuminate the entire area.