Jan 25, 2011

How To Decide on a Color Scheme

Have you decided to re-decorate one of the rooms in your house?  Maybe you've decided to fix up what was once your daughters room... after all she got married and moved out 6 years ago..... or maybe you've decided to make over the living room, or to finally finish the basement.  Whatever decorating project you intend to begin, the best way to get started is with a plan.  A well thought out plan will help you save money by avoiding costly mistakes.  A plan will also save you both time and energy.

The first step is to decide on a feeling or theme you want the space to have. If you don't have a color scheme or theme then you could start by creating a wish list filled with items you like that could be found at your favorite vacation spot.   To create your list go to an on-line shopping site where you can select from a variety of different shops.  After selecting at least a dozen items you are likely to see a trend or two.  It could be your selections are creating a specific color scheme, for example... most of the items are blue and tan.  Perhaps the majority of furnishings are more formal then casual or you have selected a lot of soft and pretty furnishings.  Use the trends as inspiration for you decorating project.  I love boating and the ocean so that was the general theme I began with.  I went to http://www.etsy.com/ and created this wish list of items.

After analyzing my wish list I realized I really liked the color combination of shades of blue and tan, as shown in this bathroom

I also found items I fell in love with and may eventually purchase like this amazing closeup photograph of a peacock flounder (look close and you can see the eyes of this fish). Their skin has a wonderful pattern that changes color to keep them hidden on the sandy bottom.  Personally,  I like to surround myself with reminders of how awesome nature is, and this photo does just that.

FREE SHIPPING - Stunning Starfish - Removable Wall Vinyl Decor Decal StickerThis lovely bedroom with the starfish on the wall shows that a room can feel playful and fun without being too casual....  a feeling I would like to incorporate in my room.  By creating a wish list on-line and analyzing my selections I was able to develop a foundation for my decorating plan.   My color scheme will be shades blue and tan.  The room will have a playful but sophisticated feeling with accessories that remind me of the ocean.

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