Dec 20, 2010

What to Give Unexpected Guests

I love it when unexpected guests show up at my holiday gatherings.  I think the more the merrier and I am happy to be able to open my home to friends of friends and family.  In an effort to make everyone feel welcome I like to have some extra little gifts on hand so no one is left out.  I keep these four things in mind when purchasing these gifts....

1.  I have different gifts for men, and women.

2.  Each gift should be unique, which is why I like to get  gifts from   This web site sells hand made items that are different from what you find in your neighborhood stores.

3.  Each gift costs no more then $15. 

4. Each is something I would use myself or would feel good about giving as a gift later in the year.  This way the gift won't go to waste if I end up with more gifts then guests.

Here are some examples of the types of gifts I like to have on hand:

Beautiful handmade soaps are something everyone can enjoy.  It is an indulgance many people do not splurge on for themselves which I think makes it a perfect gift.  Everyone uses soap, why not give a gift of a special one like this soap which is made with shea and cocoa butter.

This small leather wallet is perfect for holding business cards, driver's license, credit card, metro-card and some cash.  It makes a practical gift that is sure to be appreciated.


This small mirror is a pretty and functional gift, perfect for a women to keep in her handbag. . The mirror has been backed with polymer clay and has a picture carved with a sculptural decoration.

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