Dec 16, 2010

Holiday Decor That Glimmers and Shines

 So you're not into decorating with bright colors like red and green, however, you want to add a decorative wow factor to your homes' decor for the holidays.  Consider decorating with accessories that sparkle and shine like this elegant bouquet of white fabric roses with glimmering pearl beads.

Decorate with seasonal items that have been painted a neutral color, preferably with a metallic finish like these charming little acorns.  You can use an item like this to scatter around the dinning table to add some glitz...... or use them to fill a giant brandy snifter ...... or add them to a wreath or garland, the options are many. 

This whimsical mobile can be a dramatic addition to your holiday decorating.  It is hand made with pearls and acrylic crystals. Two swans are perched upon the spiral encrusted design.  Watch as the design twirls in the air with a feeling of elegance and tranquility  Can you think of a more gorgeous way to dress up your holiday decor.  Sure to become a treasured heirloom!

These glittering coasters are handmade with tiny  mirrors and gold circles.  They will surely add to your festivities with glamor and glitz.

This gorgeous fused glass bowl will make a magnificent centerpiece.   It has a different look from every side. It is a wonderful icy, crystal clear tangle ready for bright oranges or apples or to display on its own! The bowl is shaped to give it a flat bottom and higher sides.  It measures approximately 14 inches wide and 7 inches high.  and weighs 3 lbs. 
These are just some ideas for ways to decorate for the holidays without using the traditional holiday colors.  Each of these items are hand made, which I think makes them truly special and unique.

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