Jun 9, 2010

Change Your Environment

There is a feeling of things being out of control; with banks needing bailouts, government budget cuts, the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, with all of this going on it can make you feel powerless. That is one reason I think now is the right time to take charge of the only environment you have control over….your home.  Don't postpone those decorating projects you were planning.

It does not have to cost lots of money to freshen up your home and make it feel new and inviting. It could be a simple matter of re-arranging things you already have. Re-think the lamps in your bedroom...how would they look in your living room?  Is it time to take the artwork in one room  and hang it in a different room? How about the furniture in you family room, when was the last time you re-arranged the way it is set up? These are simple changes that can have a big effect and make a room feel fresh and new.

Of course a new paint color on the walls can work miracles and will not cost very much at all. Reorganizing your accessories and perhaps adding a few new ones are another option. For the greatest change add accessories that will make a big impact. That could mean introducing a large new wall hanging like this wall sconce.
Or introduce a bold new fabric table cloth and chair covers in the dinning room.

Add throw pillows in an exotic fabric  like this one with a metallic leopard pattern.

The combination of re-arranging what you have, changing the color of your walls and adding a few new accessories can create an entirely new feeling in any room.  The important thing is to make sure your home is someplace that nourishes and comforts you, a special place where you can go to get away from it all.  After all, your home is probably the only environment you have control over, it should be a retreat that makes you feel good.

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