Make Money Decorating

The Program for Creating a Profitable Decorating Business

These are 4 things you will need if you want to make money as an interior decorator:

Having a degree in interior design can be helpful, however, it is not necessary in order to make money as a decorator.  What is necessary is to have an eye for color and a talent for creating beautiful room settings.  If friends and family members come to you for decorating advise or comment on how beautiful your home is decorated, that is a good indicator that you have talent.  The specifics of how to decorate can be learned, whereas talent is a gift either you have or you don't have.

Products and Services
You have to have products and services people want to buy from you. Often, it is the way a decorator arranges colors and furnishings that creates a beautiful setting clients would not be able to create on their own.  Decorators also have access to unique products, and provide helpful services that can end up saving their clients money in the long run.

If you want to make money as a decorator you will need clients to sell your products and services to.  To maintain a steady flow of new and repeat sales you should have an effective marketing plan to promote your business.  The plan should include a distinctive logo which will make all of your marketing efforts more effective.

The way to make money as a decorator is to sell your creative ideas, products and services.  That does not mean convincing people to buy things they don't need or can't afford; it means helping clients make informed decisions about purchasing furnishing that will create a unique and beautiful home they love.

The Make Money Decorating Program gives you access to unique home decor products at wholesale prices; the program includes marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, newsletters all personalized with a custom logo designed for your business; and the program teaches you how to make the sale.