Mar 24, 2010

How To Mix and Match Patterns

An easy way to add interest to any room is to add accessories in a variety of fabrics. I know many people are afraid to mix and match patterns, however, it is really quite simple. Begin with a pattern that is already in the room. If there are no patterned fabrics in the room then find a print that has the colors from the room and a pattern that you love. Remember, decorating is want to surround yourself with things that make you feel good.

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Follow these 3 tips and you can't go wrong:
1. Have only one of each type of large overall print like the floral above, one stripe fabric, one geometric like the diamond and one texture like the tweed.
2. Each of the fabrics you are introducing to the room should include one or more of the colors from the rooms' color scheme.
3. If the ambiance is extremely formal or very casual then the texture of the fabrics should reflect the feeling of the room. Silky fabrics or fabrics with a sheen like silk and velvet tend to be formal, while nubby textures with a dull finish are more casual. If the room is neither extreme, then you can add a combination of both textures.
Remember, your homes' decor should reflect your personal style.

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