Sep 27, 2009

Halloween Ideas

A fun idea for celebrating Halloween is to return to the 50' remember, "Happy Day's" and "the Fonz". What a great theme for a Halloween Party......good music, comfort food, fun dances like the bop, the hand jive and the lindy. Here are some things you may want to consider when planning your 50's party.

Pink and black were the hot colors in the 50's, so use them to decorate with. How about a pink table cloth with black paper plates and accessories, have pink and black balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling, and don't forget the fuzzy dice..... and the costumes can be poodle skirts for the girls and white tee shirt's (with the sleeves rolled up of course) and jeans for the guys.
Not only do you have great music to choose from, but the 50" had some great dances'....check out this youtube video and get inspired. Imagine what fun it can be.......have someone come as Dick Clark and set up your own American Bandstand dance contest......or invite an Elvis (or two),
and make sure your serving foods from the 50's like macaroni and cheese, meatloaf and pie for desert.

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