Jul 7, 2008

I Love Decorating with Accessories

It doesn't have to cost alot and it can change the feeling of any space in your home.....changing accessories is an easy way to re-decorate . I get tired of things always looking the same. I know some people need consistency, and like to surround themselves with priceless works of art....not me! I would rather decorate with in-expensive accent pieces that I can re-arrange each season and perodically put away and replace with new pieces.

I don't think my way is right and the other way is wrong, I believe decorating is personal and you should do what feels good for you. When creating a table top arrangement be sure to use items of varied heights and shapes as shown here.

You can see the difference adding a table runner to this arrangement can make. The most expensive item shown here is the table and that costs only $99.95. All of these items are available at my on-line store http://www.roseinteriors.com/

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